My Name is Marko and i am a Junior Fullstack Developer working with
Front & Backend technologies and using them to create beautiful and efficient Websites.

About me

I am 28 years old and i am currently looking for a job as Junior Web Developer.Recently, I've finished CodeFactory Fullstack Developer Bootcamp with Summa Cum Laude.
Also, I am attending Evening Higher Technical College to further expand my knowledge as well to get my Engineer Degree.
On this Webiste I would like to show you some of my recent projects I worked on.

This is me - IT worker


Frontend Development

A front-end developer is a type of computer programmer that codes and creates the visual front-end elements of a software, application or website. He or she creates computing components/features that are directly viewable and accessible by the end user or client.

Angular 9


Codereviews and projects were a major part of the progress through the Full Stack Developer course. Every codereview and project needed to be completed, handed in on time and graded positively by the teachers in order to be able to graduate from the course. This procedure imitated real projects with deadlines and customer feedback.

Version Control (Git -GitHub)
Software Testing
Project Documentation

Backend development

A back-end developer is a type of programmer who creates the logical back-end and core computational logic of a website, software or information system. The developer creates components and features that are indirectly accessed by a user through a front-end application or system.

Back-end Skills:

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My Portfolio

These are some of the Projects that we had to do during the course.


Code Review 2

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In this Code Review I created a news blog and the focus was to get familiar with dynamic pages and video integration by using Sass and HTML

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Code Review 3

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Technologies:Bootstrap 5, Sass, HTML5, JavaScript

This Code Review was about applying our knowledge of Bootstrap, Sass and to just create the first JavaScript calculations and to get familiar with the console.

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Code Review 4

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In this Code Review we focused on generating a page dynamically from a .json file and adding a like button with a sort function to sort the movies by number of likes.

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Code Review 5

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Code Review 05 was about creating a travel blog page that utilizes dynamic page generation and manipulation of the DOM by adding a sort feature (ascending and descending order by date).

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Code Review 6

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The focus of this Code Review was to create a travel page with interactive cart functionality by using the Angular framework.

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Team Project 1

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We worked on a project in a team of four.The task was do build a Photographers Page. We managed the project by using brainstorming design aproach, using Trello and Kanban Task Management for efficient teamwork.

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Code Review 10

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For Our first PHP Project we had to create Bookshop with GUI that connects to Database.Using skills that we learned we improved it further.

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Code Review 11

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For Our Second PHP Project we had to create Pet Adoption Store.Using PHP and Symfony along with MySQL for Database.

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